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A Caring, Knowledgeable Approach To Elder Law

Elder law matters are sensitive. They require a knowledgeable lawyer who will listen to you and make sure they thoroughly understand what you need.

I know how important this is; I have more than 20 years of experience in elder law and related matters such as estate planning. You and your family can rely on my extensive knowledge of Utah elder law, and estate planning and administration/probate. You can also be certain I will take your concerns seriously and draft a plan or individual documents that meet your needs. Please call my Salt Lake City office at 801-839-4891 to learn more.

The Help You Need With Conservatorships And Guardianships

Conservatorships and guardianships can be emotional matters. They can also be challenging to understand without an attorney's assistance. To determine whether a conservatorship or guardianship is necessary, and if so, whether it should be limited or full authority, you need to understand the details of each option. Then we will know how to set up the appointment the protected person needs.

Families may struggle with these decisions. They want the best for their loved ones, but often do not know how or when to step in. Sometimes the person in need of protection does not understand or does not want anyone to provide conservatorship or guardianship. In this situation, it helps to have a knowledgeable third party to answer questions and make recommendations.

When I have the necessary medical, financial and legal information, I will present it to the court and argue for the decision that is best for the client. I will explain each part of the process to you as the case progresses.

Protecting The Elderly In Probate

During my career, I have had considerable experience protecting elderly people who are being exploited before and during probate. Very often, this happens because they did not have a good estate plan. If we discover this in time, I can draft an estate plan that ensures their rights are protected.

I also help guide family members through the probate process. I am mindful of the fact that loved ones are grieving a loss during this time. It is especially important to help them understand how the process works and make it as easy as possible. I can take on the estate administration or probate process for you so you don't have to worry.

Let's Discuss Your Elder Law Needs

To set up a time to meet, please call the Law Office of Penniann J. Schumann, PLLC, at 801-839-4891 or contact me online.